Frequently Asked Questions

Then by all means call us on 1300 547 869, we are available 7 days a week.

Click on any of the buttons like: ‘view full details’ or ‘list your property now’ or ‘the selling a property tab on the main menu’.

From here there are just a couple of short steps to take and you will directed to:

fill in your general information on form provided
make payment at time of sign up (using PayPal or Credit Card)
set up your secure members account (by selecting a user name and password) and then you can add your property’s details & photos.This step is very easy to do due to the specially designed templates provided.
Once done we will have your property showing on the main real estate portals within an hour.

Additional, we will also email you a confirmation ‘welcome to our service’ letter, outlining information to further assist you. This is usually sent within one hour of you completing the payment step process.

Yes. Per our Terms and Conditions you must inform us within 72 hours if your property’s status changes in anyway.

No, and the other websites do not allow you to include your personal details at all on their site.

Also our Terms and Conditions forbid stating your listing is a Private Sale.

In relationship to our ‘Sales’ Package’ your listing remains on the real estate portals either ‘until sold’ or you ‘withdraw’ the listing from being shown live.

In relationship to our ‘Rental’ Package the property will be listed until leased or we are instructed by you to remove the listing.

If a property is withdrawn or taken off the market for any reason we may charge a re-connection fee if you wish to relist at a later time.

Our fees are as stated in our marketing materials and you will not be required or asked to pay for any extras or additional charges, either at the sign up process or anytime thereafter.

The answer is absolutely NO!
You will not pay commission of any amount to us for listing your property, now or ever.
Also, no other fees will ever being charged for selling your property through our listing service.